Will there be prize money offered?

Is prize money offered to Summer Circuit participants? Host sites have the option to make their event a prize money event. The amount of prize money is at the discretion of the host site, but the distribution amounts between genders should be equal. ITA Summer Circuit FAQ link

Are there wild cards?

Are wild cards provided for entrance into Summer Circuit tournaments? Though not mandatory, host sites will have the option to award one wild card entry for every 16 players in a draw or flight. ITA Summer Circuit FAQ link

What are the draw sizes?

What will draw sizes be for each tournament? The draw size for each event will vary and is determined by how many courts each host site has available. In some cases, there will be multiple flights. ITA Summer Circuit FAQ link

How are player selections made?

How will players be selected to play in the tournament? Once the tournament entry deadline passes, the tournament director will select players for the event according to their Universal Tennis Rating (UTR). UTRs will also determine which flight a player is in if the event contains multiple flights. ITA Summer Circuit FAQ link

How do I get tournament registration support?

I have a current ITA Player Membership, but I’m not able to register for a tournament. Universal Tennis manages the ITA Summer Circuit tournament registrations system. You can request support with the Universal Tennis Support Team at or by email at ITA Summer Circuit FAQ link

Where do I register for tournaments?

Where do I register for ITA Summer Circuit tournaments? The ITA has partnered with Universal Tennis (or UTR) to handle online tournament registration and the display of tournament draws. Links to each tournament registration page are on the ITA website in the ITA Summer Circuit weekly schedule area. ITA Summer Circuit FAQ link